Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Citrus Park

This was Matt's Kindergarten trip to Riverside Citrus Park. He had a great time. I thought it was kinda lame....don't tell him that. They told the kids about all the different kinds of citrus and let them try a few different types. Then they took them for a walk around the "grove" which was basically two tree's that they allowed the kids to walk around. There was a museum, but the Park Personel told us the kids wouldn't get much out of it :P. The kids ended up playing duck duck goose out in the field to kill time, since the trip was so short!

The Font used was Cricut Hello Kitty Font. The orange was cut out using My World cricut Cart. I ordered the Citrus Slice brads from theeyeletoutlet. They have such great brads. The ribbon was KI, found that and the paper at Target.

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