Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Card - Wild Card

These cards were done using the Wild Card cartridge for the cricut. Here's some instructions. I found it a bit tricky.

1. Set your dial to 3 3/4 for the sizing.

2. Cut your cardstock like the following picture. Your going to cut a Shift -Pumpkin first. Then Unload, and flip the pad around. Then your going to cut Pumpkin and then Liner Shift Pumpkin. This will fit everything on one page to save paper. Do the same for the black only your not going to cut the liner.

3. Cut your green.

4. Piece together your cards, embellish etc.

5. To do the inside of the card, if you want to put a message inside. Open up Word. Your going to click. New Page, File - Page Setup. Your going to click on the Margins and set every margin to 0.2". Then click on the Paper Size. Drop down box change to custom. Change sizing to 3.0" for both width and height.

6. Hit "Okay". Then type your message.

7. Cut white card stock in 3x3 squares - load into printer. Print your messages and glue to your cards.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scrap Thief!

I was trying to work on a layout tonight....didn't get much done. LOL!

Ashley is tall enough and brave enough to stand using my scrapbook desk.....uh no!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween : He's Got Guts : Cut with the Slice

I finally pulled out my slice and started to use it. While I don't think it holds a candle to the cricut, I do love the simplicity of it. I also like that it seems to cut right the very first time. I'm not used to the whole glass mat/adhesive thing. I got some paper stuck on there. lol.

I used the Boo Punch by EK success and the Drippy Goo by Martha Stewart for the punches, The Halloween Cartridge for the Making Memories Slice, The paper is Debbie Mum. They had a beautiful stack with Glitter at Joanns a little while ago. Can't wait to see what they'll have for Christmas.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pink Journey : Believe Chipboard Book

This is  my mom and I's first attempt at making a chipboard book on the cricut. This book is for a parent at her school who is Stage 4 and it's the fourth reoccurance in four years. The cancer has spread to her spine, her liver and her lymph nodes. Her daughter is only 7 years old. My mom came up with the idea to make this book using the Pink Journey cart we got with the cricut. We were so stressed making sure that everything came out perfect. Lots of pressure since we've never done one before. Plus, it was hard to find paper that was for Breast Cancer awareness! Her entire school's staff dressed in Pink for support of Lee Denim Day for Breast Cancer Support. We aren't quite finished with the book because there were a few teachers that still need pictures. But this is a sneak preview. The tags that are tucked away for each teacher to write a special, uplifting and supportive message for her. There's also a bucket (coming soon)

*Peggy for extra credit can you spot my mom in the pictures. She's wearing pink :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ontario Scrapbook Expo Finds

Went to the Ontario Expo on Friday. I've been going to these things for 7 years now, I think my first one I was pregnant with Matt! It was the busiest expo I think I'd ever gone to. I'm happy to say I had some good finds! However, there was a lack of new product out there or rather, there was new product but it sold out within a couple of hours. There didn't seem to be a "HOT" item like there usually is at an expo. I did find some great deals at the Dollar Booths. One was new this time. Scrapbuck. Very cool. Well this is what I found and Most was $1-$1.50. I did have to wait in some long lines though. But it was worth it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello Kitty Centerpieces and Hello Kitty favor boxes

Tonight was spent making the Hello Kitty party favors! My friend Caroline came over and helped me piece them together. She's a first grade teacher and she was like "wow". I don't think people really know what a "Cricut" is until they see it work.

I was able to pick up the pink tin cans at the Target Dollar Spot. Along with the Hello Kitty Pencils that I used for the sticks. I taped the hello kitty paper cut outs onto the pencils, so that they can still be used after the party. And hey if the Kitties don't get destroyed - scrapbook embellishments.

The boxes have a Hello Kitty key chain inside. I found those a couple of months ago in the Target Dollar Spot. I used Tags Bags Boxes cricut cart and used Design Studio to make the cricut cut out the Hello Kitty face. Then I used some Transparency film to act as a barrier. That made it so I could fill the boxes with Strawberry Cheesecake Jelly Bellies and candy mints.

Ashley is running a fever tonight. I hope its just teething again. We are going to the Dr. tomorrow for her check up. Please keep her in your prayers that she isn't cranky and teething on her birthday.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I won something!

I won a contest on Trisha's blog!! I'm so excited! Thank you Trisha! Your ideas are wonderful. Check out her blog at  and also JuJuBee Scrapbooking! Found on the blinkies on the right hand side of my blog!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cut File for Picking Pumpkins Title

Here is the cut file to make the title. You will need the following Cricut Cartridges:

Pooh Font
Stretch Your Imagination
Pooh and Friends
Walk in My Garden

Pg 1 is the Welded Base
Pg 2 is the Green (for the stem and the base of the pumpkins (for the vines and the shadow)
Pg 3 is the Brown (for the wooden letters, The center of the Sunflower, and the sign pole)
Pg 4 is the Yellow/ Golden (for the sunflower and for the extra leaves if you wish)
Pg 5 is the Orange (for the pumpkins and for the extra leaves)
Pg 6 is the Tan (for the Sign itself and you will have to cut off the pole) I did it in tan so you can see when you write on it

Pumpkin Picking Cricut Cut File Download