Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ontario Scrapbook Expo Finds

Went to the Ontario Expo on Friday. I've been going to these things for 7 years now, I think my first one I was pregnant with Matt! It was the busiest expo I think I'd ever gone to. I'm happy to say I had some good finds! However, there was a lack of new product out there or rather, there was new product but it sold out within a couple of hours. There didn't seem to be a "HOT" item like there usually is at an expo. I did find some great deals at the Dollar Booths. One was new this time. Scrapbuck. Very cool. Well this is what I found and Most was $1-$1.50. I did have to wait in some long lines though. But it was worth it!


  1. Good fine,s. My expo is the weekend but we have super saturday at church. I am teaching two classes and my AG order last month,
    and you and Joe said the expo wasn't verey good. So I am not going this year. Sad news Joe's friend Lucy (she was at the expo last october)pass away last sunday.