Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Card - Wild Card

These cards were done using the Wild Card cartridge for the cricut. Here's some instructions. I found it a bit tricky.

1. Set your dial to 3 3/4 for the sizing.

2. Cut your cardstock like the following picture. Your going to cut a Shift -Pumpkin first. Then Unload, and flip the pad around. Then your going to cut Pumpkin and then Liner Shift Pumpkin. This will fit everything on one page to save paper. Do the same for the black only your not going to cut the liner.

3. Cut your green.

4. Piece together your cards, embellish etc.

5. To do the inside of the card, if you want to put a message inside. Open up Word. Your going to click. New Page, File - Page Setup. Your going to click on the Margins and set every margin to 0.2". Then click on the Paper Size. Drop down box change to custom. Change sizing to 3.0" for both width and height.

6. Hit "Okay". Then type your message.

7. Cut white card stock in 3x3 squares - load into printer. Print your messages and glue to your cards.


  1. hiya just read the post on cricut noticeboard
    not made any halloween boxes with the hello kitty
    but made some for my daughter who is having a hallowen party with tags,bags,boxes popcorn box
    and paper doll dress up feel free to look on my web site thanks

  2. Cool thanks Catherine! I'll check it out!

  3. I NEED this cart!!! This is really cute and looks fun!!!