Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cut File for Picking Pumpkins Title

Here is the cut file to make the title. You will need the following Cricut Cartridges:

Pooh Font
Stretch Your Imagination
Pooh and Friends
Walk in My Garden

Pg 1 is the Welded Base
Pg 2 is the Green (for the stem and the base of the pumpkins (for the vines and the shadow)
Pg 3 is the Brown (for the wooden letters, The center of the Sunflower, and the sign pole)
Pg 4 is the Yellow/ Golden (for the sunflower and for the extra leaves if you wish)
Pg 5 is the Orange (for the pumpkins and for the extra leaves)
Pg 6 is the Tan (for the Sign itself and you will have to cut off the pole) I did it in tan so you can see when you write on it

Pumpkin Picking Cricut Cut File Download

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