Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tinker Bell

I had fun with this one. I borrowed my mom's Cricut Cartridge Tinker Bell. I've heard things about it that it is hard to do. Well my only complaint is Tink's Eyes!!!! What were they thinking? I cut her out at 5 3/4 inch and her eyes were the size of pin points. I finally just had to cut tiny little circles because they were so small the cricut wouldn't even really cut them.

So cut Tink at least 6 inches. If you want to actually make it possible to make her lol.

This is Ashley in her Halloween Costume as Tinker Bell. Her Great Aunt Mary did a wonderful photo shop of her in a forest as Tink, so I thought it would make a great layout!


  1. This is absolutely beautiful!!! My BFF has a very similar pic of her little girl...she made the wings blury and it looks like she is cute!!!

    great job!!!

  2. Ashley is so cute. Love the photo shop in the forest.

  3. Great layout ~ I cut her at 'fit to page' on my E and the eyes were awful. I ended up using a lil bit of blue stickles and it looks perfect.