Saturday, March 13, 2010

What the Flock - How to Flock an Elmo

Tonight I experimented with Martha Stewart Flocking Powder. I think I've inhaled half the jar by accident, but did manage to make some pretty cool looking fuzzy Elmo's. I'll try to explain how to make these because I didn't see much in the way of Cricut Flocking instructions.

For this I used, Elmo's from Sesame Street and Friends cut at 5 inches. Before you flock, don't glue your Elmo together (I learned this the hard way, while it doesn't look bad, you get it on the black and then it doesn't look great). So leave your Black base, your red Elmo body, white eyes and orange nose separate.

You also need Glue. I used the Martha Stewart brush on Glitter Glue, but I'm pretty sure any would do. You also need Red Flock.

Take your Red Elmo Body and brush a thin layer of glue all over it.
(please note in the picture below I had glued the black....don't do that. Just do the red all by itself)

Then your going to dumb the red flock on the body. I used a bowl and a spoon to do this. I spooned the red flock all over the body and then would tap it into the bowl and repeat until elmo was completely covered in red flock. (please note...try not to inhale while doing

Then your going to lay Elmo out to dry. Once he is dry you can glue him together just like you would normally do.

Elmo is all excited he's fuzzy!

 My Elmos were not completely dry in this picture, but I plan to take a make up brush and just lightly dusting him off to clean up any loose fuzz.

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