Monday, January 25, 2010

Once Upon a Princess

Shots of the new cartridge


  1. Wow this cart looks awesome! I wasn't sure if I needed it having 2 boys and only one girl but dang it, its cute!!!

  2. I know! I thought it was kinda...ugly when I saw it in the preview. But then I saw it in person. It's really very nice. I love the titles the most. I'm all for a boy cartridge though too lol

  3. Hi, I have been search for at least 6 hours for someone who has made these dolls/princess. The doll in the top picture with the pink and red dress and the green wand... I have been trying to make and can't get it right. I would really appreciate any feedback/help you can give me to layer this right as my hair just doesn,t want to line up. I have pics on my blog! I know you would be very busy so I really do appreciate any info you could give me.