Monday, January 25, 2010


Wyland was at CHA. I was so excited because I saw something that said he'd be there on Sunday. But he is so nice that he was there on Saturday and offered to sign everyones books. He is so down to earth and does so many great things for the environment and children around the world!

he painted this right in front of us!

All finished and being donated to a local childrens hospital! Anyone could go and paint with him

He's awesome!

You probably can't see - but the cans were actually Wyland Paint :)

Thank you Wyland! I did get to talk to him and he was really nice about making sure my book was signed. I was stoked. Unfortunately my mom was in line at a make-n-take so I never got a picture with him.

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  1. How neat is that!!! If I ever catch it on TV I always watch the painters do their stuff! Love that!!!