Sunday, February 21, 2010

In memory of my FIL Bruce

These past few weeks have been shocking and terrible to say the least. My father in law passed away unexpectedly, he was going to turn 60 in March. Bruce, my fil, was an avid cyclist. He competed in several amateur events and rode with several cycling groups. I can remember when I first had Matthew, he was so proud to ride his bike to the Hospital to meet his very first grandchild. A few weeks ago he was in an accident while riding his bicycle on a biking trail near his home. After a week of fighting for his life in a body that just would no longer cooperate, my father in law sub combed to his injuries. His family was able to fly in to say their final goodbyes and be with him when he passed. It was devastating and shocking. Such a healthy person to pass so suddenly. We were very blessed that a few weeks prior to his accident we went with him and my mother in law to the Pirates Dinner adventure with the kids.

I did a memorial board for the memorial that they had about a week ago. I tried to make it so that it could be taken apart and made into a scrapbook. I used removable tape adhesive to tack the pages down to the board. I was very fortunate that a line of paper came out by Karen Foster about "In Loving Memory". It was awesome. The night before I made this board I went to my local scrapbook store, Wootens, over in Ontario Mills, and one of the ladies who works there was stocking the new items. She offered to price them and let me buy them even though  they weren't even on the shelves yet. I am so grateful because it made the board turn out wonderfully.

Edit: I was able to do the scrapbook from the boards this past December. If you'd like to see how it turned out go to the following link:

It was extremely easy to convert this to a book that will keep forever. The boards held up for a year and a half! The main thing was redoing the middle board which you see below. I had to make the middle section into three pages. Make sure if you make one of these boards to use REMOVABLE tape. I used the Zyron Removable glue/tape dispenser. It came in pink at the time. They stayed on the board for a year and half and were EASY to remove in order to put in the book!!

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  1. WOW Shannon the memorial board are beautiful. The layouts will make a pricless a scrapbook.