Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Follow-up to Memorial Scrapbook

2 years ago I made a memorial board for my late father-in-law's celebration of life. I was able to convert it to a scrapbook a couple of months ago. This is the finished book:

Link to the original posting:   http://scrapnsurfshan.blogspot.com/2010/02/in-memory-of-my-fil-bruce.html
From these three poster boards converted to a Scrapbook


  1. Love the new look. You can have the pages copy to make books for Christmas. Epson has the paper. http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/ProductMediaSpec.jsp?BV_UseBVCookie=yes&oid=-12346#order

  2. Definately. I know Costco scans and prints 12x12s. I'll have to do this when we get back on our feet.